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a story of beauty. a story of grace. a story of sisterhood.

With nothing but a simple love of natural textures, earthy colors, and inspiring words, Krista began making fabric collage greeting cards as a hobby in 2010. But her hobby soon grew into a passion as she broadened her artistic eye, grew her business, and learned a variety of textile art techniques.

In 2015, Krista found her creative heart's home when she stumbled on sashiko, boro stitching, and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. A new kind of freedom emerged from her work as she began stitching basic patterns with nothing more than sustainable linens and the occasional button or rusty object. A new story unfolded, too. A story that didn't end with Krista or her needle and thread.

As she shared authentically via Instagram about her life and growth, her struggles and healing, Krista found herself connecting with fellow sojourners whose stories possessed many common threads. This mutual exchange not only challenged Krista artistically, but also opened her heart to the greater human story that unites us all.

Krista's heart has always beat for the global work to end slavery and systemic poverty for girls and women. And in 2016, she focused on finding more ways to give to more organizations. As she learned about urgent needs and the inspiring organizations offering effective aid, a wider tapestry opened before Krista and her journey friends.

Krista is excited about the path ahead as she persists in growing her business, keeping her art fresh, and connecting with brothers and sisters around the world.

We are - all of us - a ragamuffin lot, frayed at our edges, torn in some places, stitched and mended over and again. And we are beautiful. We belong. We are loved. This is the heart within every piece of mend textile art. A heart Krista gratefully shares with you.